Thursday, May 10, 2007

iWant, iNeed iPhone

Since January the world of librarians (and beyond) has been abuzz about the impending release of the iPhone. And what's not to be abuzz about? The thing is stinking gorgeous. No ifs ands or buts about it.
My friend Richard was telling me the other day about all the special things that Apple will do for those early adopters of this technology - free upgrades, downloads, support etc. He also informed me that the cost will be close to what I paid for my entire laptop. All of this of course is pure speculation at this point however since Rogers has not, nay will not confirm anything.

I care not. I must have it.

On Sunday I wandered into the Rogers store and asked the "expert" Eaton's Centre employee what he knew about the release date and price. He was instantly turned off by my technolust. "Oh, you don't want to buy that!" he said in a 'now be on your way little girl' kind of way.
"The reception is terrible, there's way too much hype and the first generation will always suck."
You know what I think sucks? Dumb Rogers employees.

But certainly not the iPhone. Just look at it. So shiny. So stylized. So many colours.
Puurrrrrr. Purrrrrr.

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