Friday, June 29, 2007

Mid-Year Reflections

I don't think that I ever wrote about this but early in the year I decided upon a few "Third Decade Of Life" resolutions. Things like aiming to brush up on my German, take up watercolours, participate more in my financial planning and learn the rules of the apostrophe.
So far I've done a whole lot of nothing.

Today one of my favorite blogs Copyblogger wrote a really good post on common mistakes that people make when they write. I was proud that I was occasionally able to shake my head and wonder aloud "people are seriously that dumb?". I will however hide my head in shame when it comes to the apostrophe. That little bitch has always been my grammatical downfall.
So thank you Copyblogger, today I embark head-high into my TDOL resolutions. Watch out apostrophe, 'cause I'm gonna use the piss out of you.

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