Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My Hag Idol: Ms. Mary Jo Eustace

I'm not exactly sure when I began befriending the gay men of the world, but putting makeup on my childhood neighbor little Bobby Burns, may have been an early sign of my proclivity for the more effeminate man. This has only been cemented by my geographic location (Church & Wellesley), my career in the arts and my position on the board of the Pride Run

Some may find a straight girls presence in the gay community odd (I'm lookin' at you Mom) and some may think that I myself am gay (I'm lookin' at you lesbian bookstore clerk) but I have to acknowledge that a gay man is a city girls best friend. They enjoy a good pink cocktail, they compliment you on your shoes, ravenously consume pop culture news and usually aren't afraid of a good karaoke singalong. All excellent qualities in my opinion.

The term Fag Hag has always sounded a bit crass to me - but it's a title that I certainly wear proudly. While I was writing this post a friend of mine sent me the book "Girls who like boys who like boys". I haven't had a chance to crack the spine yet but I was amazed and ecstatic that this topic has been broached.

With all that in mind my Pride Month Fag Hag award must go to Ms. Mary Jo Eustace.
I've loved her since her cooking show days and despite my belief that she is better off I will continue to hex Tori Spelling and her wretch of a husband until the day they die.

Mary Jo, I love you. And look at how cute you are in this picture!
If you ever need a straight girl to join you for cocktails I am totally available.

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