Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My Pride Gear

I'm pretty impressed with my new "Richard Rhyme Original" Pride Run t-shirt this year and I have to say that so was everyone that I saw on my lunch break today. I ran over to Pita Pan at lunch and had at least five people tell me that they liked me shirt.

I thanked them and then asked politely that they stop staring at my tits.

If you want your own shirt come down to the run this Saturday where they'll be for sale exclusively from 9-12. Here's the 411:

For a limited time only, the PRIDE AND REMEMBRANCE RUN has made available special Road Ribbon Shirts to help raise funds for this year's beneficiaries.
The Road Ribbon logo is hand-screened on American Apparel cotton shirts (the 2001 series of shirts, to be exact).
The Road Ribbon Shirts are $25, with $5 from the sale of every shirt going to support the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation and the Triangle Program.

Contact us if you would like one: richard@priderun.org

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