Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Paris Calling, not the Hilton variety.

All signs lately have been beckoning me to Paris. I must get there soon I tell you. And if the movie posters, song lyrics, book plots and runny cheeses don't do it...surely this rugby ad will. HE-LLUH.

Tegan & Sara

Rogers Picnic, originally uploaded by 35mmMonkey.

I'm so pissed that I missed this concert on the weekend. I mean look at these two.
I don't know of any other lesbian twin sisters that can rock a mullet this hard.

Friday, July 27, 2007

TPL gets shazzed on, and by shaz I mean shit.

Reading Toronto reported today the huge cuts being made to the Toronto Public Library services and staff. Among the cuts to book and periodical spending there will also be a freeze on "staff training and travel costs and technology expenses ... meaning that library workers will have to do much more with considerably less."
Excellent idea.
More users + more hits on website = less trained staff + less spending technology = brilliant budgeting committee.
Way to go Toronto.
I'm not all that great at math but I can pretty much work out that the city is giving it up the ass to the largest library system in Canada.

happy anniversary :)

Our first photo, originally uploaded by Librarian In The City.

Today is my third anniversary with my bf .

Three years of me smushing my face into his; of changing his pet names on a daily basis; of very loud laughing and occasionally loud yelling; of illness and injury; of travels and returns; of dinners out and breakfasts in; of delicious coffees and vile bubble teas and of love love love.

Monday, July 23, 2007

rest in peace baby girl

little baby emily died at 5pm last night after complications from her heart surgery. i have no words for this. what i'm sure will be the saddest funeral ever is set for this week. my family are pretty experienced at funeral going as of late - our elders haven't always been the best at taking care of themselves, but at least those funerals are the kind where you drink and cry and laugh and basically celebrate the life of that person.

how can you celebrate a life that was only 12 days old?

like i said, i have no words. just tons of swirling thoughts and soggy tissues.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Baby Emily

Snuggly, originally uploaded by Librarian In The City.

My new little cousin Emily is at this very moment all set to go in for heart surgery at Sick Kids. She's a muffin of a little thing so I'm hoping that the surgeons have had their starbucks/baseball scores/hookers or whatever else they may need to keep a steady hand in the afternoon.

Cross your fingers & toes, touch wood, pray to your god/goddess...whatever you have to do to ensure good wishes :)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I've missed you LC

This trailer was just released for season 3 of THE HILLS and I'm so excited that I have goosebumps on my arms and tears in my eyes. Time to stock up on diet cokes and popcorn cause the Monday night 10-spot is back baby!

Note to bf: please stay away on Monday nights, I don't have enough cotton swabs left to mop up the bleeding from your eyes and ears.

Sidebar: I'd also like to welcome Jessi and Dan back into my life.
I've missed you both - please don't stay away this long again. BFsF.

The day the music died

Yet another reason not to plan that trip to North Korea -
What has the world come to when a girl can't belt out a little Kelly Clarkson at the end of the day? Speaking of which, I've got to start planning the next exodus to a Chinatown Karaoke Room.

In the wise words of Madonna "Music makes the people come together".
Fight the power bitches.

NKorea Silences Its Karaoke Bars

North Korea will close its karaoke bars in an attempt to stem foreign influences on the isolated communist country, a South Korean civic group said Wednesday.

Separately, the North's Ministry of People's Security conducted house-to-house overnight inspections near the Chinese border earlier this month to search for cell phones and illegal video CDs, the Good Friends aid agency said in a newsletter.

The ministry said in a directive last week that silencing the karaoke outlets was a "mopping-up operation to prevent the ideological and cultural permeation of anti-socialism," according to the aid group.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

You touch my jewelry, I break your legs. Seems fair to me.

I love this story. Rock on sista friend.

Crushed boyfriend's legs, woman gets curfew
Jul 11, 2007 12:58 PM

Courts Bureau

A woman who backed her van into her violent boyfriend before driving away, crushing him against a wall, has been sentenced to a six-month curfew and ordered to take alcohol treatment.

Stephanie Toney, 33, was afraid for her safety and that of her 18-month-old boy as her drunken boyfriend tried to climb into the back of her Chevrolet Lumina van on Jan. 14, 2006, court heard this morning.

She reversed, pinning Quinto Elliott, her boyfriend of two months, between the bumper and a building on Pell St., near Kingston Rd. and Midland Ave.

After she drove away, leaving him lying on the ground, it was an hour before he managed to crawl into the apartment building to seek help.

"The injuries were horrendous," Superior Court Justice John McMahon said.

He had numerous fractures and cuts to his left leg, and injuries to his right leg that required its amputation above the knee.

Toney pleaded guilty today to failing to stop at an accident causing bodily harm.

Normally such a crime warrants a jail sentence, McMahon said.

But the "exceptional circumstances of this case" — including the fact that she is a young single mother who has already served two weeks in pre-trial custody, and the difficulties of the Crown proving its case following the death of the victim due to unrelated causes — argued for a lesser sentence, McMahon said.

Elliott, who had a lengthy violent criminal record, never gave a taped statement to police.

McMahon sentenced the Nova Scotia woman to a six-month conditional sentence and a year's probation, as jointly recommended by Crown prosecutor Paul Amenta and defence lawyer Rebecca Rutherford.

During the six-month sentence, Toney is subject to a 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew. The judge also ordered her to take alcohol treatment, which court heard was at the root of the incident.

The prosecutor then dropped other related charges against her: aggravated assault; assault with a weapon, and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing bodily harm.

The couple had been seeing each other about two months and on Jan. 13, 2006, began a heavy overnight drinking binge, according to an agreed statement of facts.

At 6 a.m., Toney tried to wake Elliott, which upset him, Amenta told the judge. He then forced Toney onto a couch, injuring her back. However the dispute was resolved and they drank some more.

At 7 a.m., Toney left the apartment and headed to her van with her boy. Elliott followed, demanding to know where she was going. A physical altercation followed, during which Elliott tore offthe woman's necklace.

Toney got into her van with her son, placing the boy in his car seat.

Elliott tried, against her wishes,to get into the back.

Fearing for her safety and that of the child, she reversed six metres, pinning Elliott against the wall. She then drove away, court heard. She returned to the scene three hours later and was arrested.