Thursday, July 12, 2007

The day the music died

Yet another reason not to plan that trip to North Korea -
What has the world come to when a girl can't belt out a little Kelly Clarkson at the end of the day? Speaking of which, I've got to start planning the next exodus to a Chinatown Karaoke Room.

In the wise words of Madonna "Music makes the people come together".
Fight the power bitches.

NKorea Silences Its Karaoke Bars

North Korea will close its karaoke bars in an attempt to stem foreign influences on the isolated communist country, a South Korean civic group said Wednesday.

Separately, the North's Ministry of People's Security conducted house-to-house overnight inspections near the Chinese border earlier this month to search for cell phones and illegal video CDs, the Good Friends aid agency said in a newsletter.

The ministry said in a directive last week that silencing the karaoke outlets was a "mopping-up operation to prevent the ideological and cultural permeation of anti-socialism," according to the aid group.

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