Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Home-cookin' challenge

This past weekend whilst the bf and I were impatiently waiting for our dinners at a local Toronto eatery, the bf uttered a most frightening sentence "We should try eating at home more". Naturally I screamed "WHY!?" and threw myself dramatically across the table, sending our tealight candle and dessert menu flying.
After the drama settled and I realized that the bf wasn't suggesting that I was a bottomless pit of takeout menu's and tip calculators - I agreed that yes, creating a home-cooked meal once and awhile wasn't a completely useless waste of our time.

And so it began that on Saturday evening we made our pact. For the next week we will try our utmost to only eat food that we create at home. To be fair, this pact was open to store bought alcohol and prepared frozen dinners (ie. PC Veggie Lasagna, mmmm) but not to fully prepared, heated dinners (a la Sobey's roasted chicken) or restaurant takeout.
Sunday went over without a hitch - but that's Sunday, the easiest day of the week given that the first half of it is spent asleep.
Monday went well until I met some friends for drinks. The drink part was ok but we did end up purchasing some nacho chips and salsa. But really, it would be unfair to expect us to drink without anything to nibble on.
The next few days are going to be tough considering that I have at least three work events to attend, all of which will be rife with delicious, catered food.
I'll have to consult the rule books on this one - if the food is free does it still count against me?

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