Thursday, January 17, 2008

"I call them boys because men would never be so stupid"

This girl is my new hero - she ain't taking no shit, I love it.

Streetcar Attack Victim Angry Over TTC Driver's Lack Of Action

Wednesday January 16, 2008

Eighteen-year-old college student Jennifer Kutosa (pictured) relied on the TTC for her daily trip to George Brown College, and for the most part her experiences with the streetcar commute on the busy King St. line were positive. The doors always opened for her and she got to school on the cheap by using her Metropass. But her perception of the public transit service was dramatically altered when those same doors slammed shut on her when she desperately needed help.

Kutosa was beaten by two thugs while trying to board the 504 car at King St. and Yonge on Tuesday at around 3pm, and she maintains the driver of the streetcar saw her ordeal, but closed the doors and took off without helping or calling authorities, leaving her to fend for herself.

The assailants ended up stealing her Metropass and assaulting her in the process.

"I got hit in the head...about four or five times," she recalls.

"The T.T.C. driver took off. He did see me."

Jennifer did her best to fend off the attackers.

"I had the first one by the throat," the feisty teen adds.

A few bystanders tried to help her, but they quickly retreated when the suspects suggested they had weapons and weren't afraid to use them.

"They were claiming that they had guns and that they were going to shoot people. They got away," one of the witnesses claimed.

T.T.C. Chair Adam Giambrone says it's standard protocol for drivers to call police when they see a crime taking place, and they are encouraged to lend a hand if they can.

"The operator's supposed to get in contact with the police, and try to assist if possible," he said.

The two suspects haven't been caught and their diminutive but determined victim has a stern warning for them.

"I have a word for the two boys that did this to me and I call them boys because men would never be so stupid," she wrote CityNews in an email. "I will see you again and cops will be called. They will catch you and you will be praying that you never did this to me. You may have thought that I looked small and was an easy target but you were wrong.

"I put up a fight and I'm going to do everything possible to get you caught for doing this to me."

Thursday, January 10, 2008

the best brother & sister in showbiz

Damn I love these two. I could eat Jason Bateman's face.
...that doesn't sound weird, does it?

Friday, January 04, 2008

Who's the prettiest kitty of them all?

Are you dying? Because if you're not then you should probably go check your heartbeat, I have a feeling you don't have one.
Cats + Wigs = The best goddamn thing I've seen yet this year.
And clearly Molly needs one. I'm thinking the white one would go well with his colouring, but the pink one would really set off his little pink nose.
Just imagine the photo shoot that we could have, oh sweet jesus.