Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just when I was about to get all Proud on your ass...

I come across articles like this. And it makes me realize how much work is left to do. I must admit that my own trans education only came about this year when the Pride Run Board made the decision to allow our runners to choose between male, female and trans when they register.
Until that conversation I never realized the importance of such an issue. It all came down to genitals for me. Not that I've morphed into the resident trans expert or anything - far from it - but I am starting to understand the issues around sexuality and identity a little bit more.

Tuesday night I was fortunate enough to hear Mr. David Rayside speak at our Pride Run reception. He's now a professor at UofT and has been an out gay man since the late 70's. He mentioned that back in the day you were warned not to fall to the back of the crowd at the Pride parade, because you would often be followed and beat up.
I know that I'm being naive and simplistic, but that idea just blows my mind.

I'm participating in the pride parade this year. Proudly. And I'm not gay.

Not to sound like a self-righteous crusader or anything but I am someone who won't - who physically CAN'T - sit in my seat and keep quiet while I have friends that are looked down upon, treated differently, hurt, degraded or made to feel like a lesser person than anyone else.

I don't care if it's a child, a woman, a gay man, a dog or a pigeon. That's right, a pigeon. I said it.

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