Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Before Cat Deeley there was DTV

Whenever I sit down with Cat on a Wednesday night I'm always reminded of sleepovers in my friend Catherine's basement, listening to INXS, prank calling boys, playing with my new spiral perm and getting ready to watch Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.
Now I have to say that to this day this movie is still one of my ultimate favorites. I was in love with Janey Glenn way before Carrie Bradshaw got drunk at Tunnel and made out with the waiter. Way. Before.
And how stinking hot is Lee Montgomery in this movie? Jebus.
My little sister has now worn my copy of the VHS tape down to a nub, so I'll be looking to get a DVD copy asap. Especially now that my appetite for DTV has been revived.
Watch, enjoy.

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