Monday, August 04, 2008

The Perfect Simcoe Day

Dutch-oven Pancake, originally uploaded by Librarian In The City.

This morning the bf and I went for brunch a delightful little out-of-the-way joint and I had what might possibly be one of the most amazing breakfast experiences EVER. Caps are necessary here.
I ordered this Dutch-Oven Pancake, which, to my delight did not involve farting and pulling a blanket over my head. Quite the opposite actually.

This is a pancake, made very much like a real cake. With delicious crispy edges and amazing fluffy yet dense inards. And then they have the balls to smother it with blueberries and serve it with warm syrup and fresh whipped cream on the side.

I almost started to weep in the restaurant. But I knew that the hipster crowd would sense my weakness, stare me down over their oversized Golden Girl sunglasses and judge me silently. The worst of hipster punishments.

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