Thursday, August 14, 2008

That boy is a running fool!

So I'm about five weeks into my training for the Toronto half-marathon and as many of my "running colleagues" have been publicly tracking their progress and challenges as a way of keeping on track, I thought that I would do the same.
And if this in any way causes you to think "hey, that chick has absolutely no coordination and enough thigh cellulite to choke a horse - if she can do it so can i" then I am happy to be of assistance.

Here we go then, last week I ran the following days and distances:
Sunday - 10 km through Rosedale. Was hell. Was hot. Wanted to die. But didn't.
Tuesday - 4km
Wednesday - 3 hills / 7.5 km. First day of hills, which I did in the morning to avoid the evening running clinics. Wasn't as bad as I thought. Did not puke.
Thursday - 5km. Great time, no walks.
Saturday - 3km. Ran at a sprinting pace (5:10km) after a little warm-up. Felt really good.

I'm still nine weeks away from the race so anything could happen. But I'm stretching a lot and trying to stay relaxed - plus I just invested in some new running shorts that I need to run the hell out of in order to justify the cost.
That's how I roll.

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