Friday, August 22, 2008

True story: REM madness

Somewhere during my REM cycle last night I had this very realistic, boring and plodding dream that I was running. Just running, on my usual morning route.
I passed the smoking Chinese guy surrounded by his white cloud of cancer; I smelled the rotting green bins that were put out too late; I got caught at the College Street light and had to bounce around for 30 seconds, my right ankle twitched on the inclines and I got a little stitch on the declines.
And when I woke up it took me at least a solid minute to determine if I still needed to run or not.
What the eff?
So the question is - can I put that run in my training log?
And when exactly is a shirtless Michael Phelps going to return to his REM duties? Seriously. That boy is slacking.

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