Sunday, August 17, 2008

Week 7/16: The one where I wore short shorts

Yes, I said it - short shorts. With the humidity climbing, my mileage increasing and the hill training never-ending, I decided to go with apparel that had decidedly less chance of chafing my lady parts.
Overall it was a good week, despite the fact that my body increasingly felt fatigued and sore. I can't decide if the running book that I've been reading is causing me to be more analytical, or if I'm actual experiencing symptoms of exhaustion. Either way I cut back a bit this week and focused more on relaxing and recovering before and after my long run.
Here's a look at the week:
Sunday: 12km across the Danforth. Made the stupid move of running during Taste of the Danforth. Dodged smells of roasting meats the entire first half. Great run though, cloudy and cool.
Tuesday: 4km. Out and back in the early morning.
Wednesday: 4 hills + 6 km. Once again I dodged the running clinics on the hill. This time there was just a cute, married couple. They cheered me on during my last hill. I love runners.
Thursday: Supposed to do 5km. Too sore. Too tired.
Friday: 3km makeup run. On the treadmill. Felt sluggish and tired. Slowed down to get through.
Saturday: 15km race - Midsummer Night's Run. I was nervous all day leading up to this one. An evening run throws off my entire eating and preparation schedule. Aside from some mild dehydration it was a great run. Great crowd and some really nice runners that helped keep me on pace. I was happy with a 1:34 time, still slightly slower than my half-marathon goal time....but I still have 11 weeks to go.

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