Monday, August 25, 2008

Week 8/16: The one with an upset tummy

I think I ate some bad feta somewhere along the way this week and I've been down and out ever since with fatigue and waves of nausea, no good for running. So aside from the belly aches here's how the week went:
Sunday and Monday were spent recovering from the race on Saturday. Legs felt really good though so I did some cross-training on the elliptical and climbing machines at the gym.
Tuesday: 4km. Good evening run.
Wednesday: 5 hills + 6km. Hills felt really great this week and I was up and down in no time. The cool weather that morning really helped with keeping me up and alert I think. I scheduled a massage for later that day as well, which was an excellent idea on my part.
Thursday: Cross-trained on bike.
Friday: Headed out to do a 6km but only managed 5.2. High humidity in the morning and a poopy stomach didn't help the situation. Ended up taking a sick day and lying on the bathroom floor for awhile.
Saturday: 4km. Good run. Effing hot. Got to see all the students unloading their parents vans, always enjoyable to see university students with Hello Kitty stuffed animals.
Sunday: Scheduled to run 15km but didn't wake up early enough to beat the heat. Ended up swapping for a shorter run of 4km, will have to make that up tomorrow when the heat goes away. Ran on the treadmill, 'cause I'm a baby la la.

I also went back to the Running Room yesterday because of some pains in the arch of my right foot. I just got new shoes in May so I figured maybe I needed an insert. The manager (who also sold me those shoes, tsk tsk) watched me run and shook his head like I was the sorriest runner he'd ever seen. Then he brought me out two other pairs of shoes, which I tried and he was much more pleased. He did a straight exchange for the new pair which are Brooks Adrenaline GTS8 - apparently very good for girls with high arches and rubber ankles. Three cheers for the Running Room, I love that place.
We'll see how the Brooks make it through the week.

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