Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Week 10/15: When my food baby went to heaven

Hallelujah my stomach woes have finally kicked the curb and I've been able to run without the fear of shit trailing behind me. Savor that image for a moment, won't you?
After the rather hilly and taxing long run on Sunday I had a good day of recovery on Monday. Lots of lying around watching Gossip Girl always does the trick.

Tuesday: 5km on the treadmill. Joints all felt fine but I had some strange pains in my lower back, this happens sometimes on the treadmill, throws my stance off I think. I was also running sprints that day, so there's that.
Thursday: 7 hills + 6km. Really, really good run. Hills felt good, practiced my downhill sprints using a technique I just read about in Runners World. Seemed to help with my knees. Only one week left of hills!
Friday: 5km. This was supposed to be a 6km morning run. Woke up to humidex of 30 degrees at 7am. This should be illegal. My British genes recoil from these temperatures and long for the fog and wind. Needless to say, it was not a good run. This was one of those days where I feared for my bowels. Lots of walking.
Sunday: 17 km. Ran a flat route across the Danforth this time, felt much better. The fact that it was approximately 20 degrees cooler than last week also helped. Felt really great. The bf caught up to me at the end of his 32 km run (show off) and forced my ass to pick up the pace and practically sprint home. Good times. I love those rare opportunities when we get to be one of those smug couples that runs together.

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