Monday, September 01, 2008

Week 9/15: Where the rhinestones come off

Upset tummy continued this week - and no, I do not blame Maple Leaf products for that upset.
I'm not sure what to blame. Allz I know is that there was a whole lot of pepto, ginger ale and gravol going on this week.

Aside from that loveliness, I also bought my first pair of running glasses! You may have noticed in my pic from the Midsummer Nights Run that I was sporting my pair of Nine West big, round, rhinestone-rimmed style. This has been my go-to pair for the better part of my running habit. Saddzies, I know.

Anyhoo, I got myself hooked up with a sweet little tortoise shell pair that I found at MEC. And I heart them real hard. No more pinching at the temples, no sweat pooling up on the bridge of my nose, no fellow runners laughing at my rhinestones.....

So here's how the week went:
Tuesday: 5km. Morning run. Felt good. Tried to add 10km in the evening, instead curled up with a bottle of Canada Dry on the couch. Thanks BF!
Thursday: 6 hills + 6km. Was feeling a little sick when I left the house and after 3 hills felt alot like rolfing. But I kept at it, 'cause that's what you do. Last 3 went great and really good run back.
Friday: 5km. HOT outside. Muggy as all get out. Was a suck = ran on treadmill.
Saturday: 6km. Hot again but a nice breeze. Made a game out of dodging students and crying mothers at UofT.
Sunday: 16km. Longest long run so far. Up to Eglinton, across and back. Loaded up on the sunscreen, grabbed a midrun Gatorade and felt really, really good...until I got to Bloor Street and then my stomach had something really important to say. Something that it just couldn't keep to itself. Something that needed to come up real fast. Managed to ignore it until I got back, but forced me to slow way down and practically walk the last 10 mins.

Here's hoping for a smoother week...

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