Monday, October 06, 2008

Week 14/16: Dragging my ass out the door

This week was my first week back at after extended illness and then vacation. It was tough, and right now I can barely walk down the stairs without groaning...but dammit I did it.

Sunday: 10km. Didn't dare attempt the 15km that I was scheduled for. Barely made it to 3km before I started getting stitches. Continued for the rest of the run. Felt like crying by the time I got home, but at least I got my ass out the door. That's what mattered.
Monday: 5km. Morning run. Legs still felt heavy and sluggish, but no stitches today. Cold morning air felt really good.
Wednesday: 4km. Ran on treadmill, tried to focus on a quick turnover to wake my legs up. Still feeling a bit heavy but pace was good and breathing steady.
Friday: 3km quick run in the morning + 7km at the track in the evening. Ran 6 quick laps and felt really good. Legs feeling much more responsive and light.
Ended up leaving the track a bit early because a gaggle of teenagers showed up readying themselves for Beer Mile. Aw, these kids today with their drinking and their track & field.

I definitely need to start stretching more as my distances start to add up, but race day is coming up fast. I can hardly believe that it's time to start tapering!

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