Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Week 15/16: Rounding the bend

Last week before the big event and once again I'm battling a cold and sore legs. I didn't feel so bad about slowing down since technically I was supposed to be tapering, but still it was a pretty limited week.
Sunday: 20km. I didn't get out until midday despite my best efforts to simulate race morning. Took a gel out with me to give it a go before the big day and thank god for that, because I nearly collapsed about half way through. Pretty much had to haul my ass across University Ave just to get home, but I managed to make it alive. The next few days however were killer on my legs.
Wednesday: 4km. Treadmill run. Wanted to stop the entire time.
Thursday: 6km. Last track session. There were high school kids drinking on the bleachers - I was intimidated. Ran three laps, pulled a hamstring muscle on the last round and then came home defeated. Felt like I needed to marinate myself in an epsom bath for approx. 2 weeks.

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