Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Week 16/16: The End

Thank freaking God, it's over!
Started the week by eating as much pumpkin pie as my mouth could fit. After all there must be some healing properties to gourds...right? Especially the ones covered in whipped cream.

Tuesday: 1km. I attempted to get a 6km run in, but after the first 4 minutes I got some of the worst cramps in my stomach and had to turn around. This did not bode well. Terror begins to set in.
Wednesday: 10km. Before I headed out the bf said "You better make sure you finish this one!". Thanks alot for the support bf. But I was determined not to psych myself out. I had a lovely route, it was chilly but not too windy and my legs were well rested. And it was great. An amazing run. I give most of the credit to the podcase I was listening to. Phedippidations had this amazing episode where runners called in and gave inspirational stories, told jokes and gave race reports from around the world. The best part (and I realize what a geek this makes me) occurred when each of them one by one said the phrase "I am a runner". I got chills and a little bit teary just listening. It was brilliant. Because I am a runner too. And I was ready to prove it.

RACE DAY!: 21 km. Despite the fact that Royal Cab was 30 minutes late and I nearly made our driver cry - we got there. The morning was beautiful - cold and sunny. My legs felt great and I was keeping up a great pace. My goal was 2:10 and when the 2:15 pace bunny began darting in and out of my path I started to lose my mind. I gave up a few walk breaks, ran hard on the downhills and downed both my gels. I've been told that I'm not allowed to be sad about my time - 2:11. After all, it is 11 minutes faster than last year. All in all it was an amazing morning and I'm never happier than when I'm hearing the thunder of running feet all around me. My friend Erin said that finishing a long run is the closest she'll get to a legal high - she's definitely right, minus the patchouli stank.

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