Monday, August 17, 2009


Fairly uneventful eleventh week of training.

Highlight of the week: nearly puking my guts out on the appropriately named "Horror Hill".Never before have I felt so nauseous, exhausted and covered in sweat and bugs than I was during hill training this week. Let's get straight to it:

Tuesday: Had a late meeting so couldn't join the group, only managed to get in a 4km tempo run. Felt pretty good though, especially after two days of rest.

Wednesday: Hill Training Horror. Could have been a snuff film title, for sure. When word got out that our leaders were taking us to a "shady hill" we all breathed a sigh of relief - the sun was scorching. Our sighs turned to screams when we arrived at our ravine-like destination and were forced to pick up the pace in order to escape from the ravenous mosquitoes that swarmed our sticky bodies. Ugh. Probably the toughest hill that I have EVER trained on. Did something nasty to my back and couldn't stand up straight for the rest of the evening, felt better after some TLC (read: wine).

Saturday: 6km steady run. Treadmill. Yes, I'm a wuss and yes I was catching up on some Food Network TV.

Sunday: 23km long run. I'll say it straight up - I was terrified of this run and was convinced that I was going to collapse in a pile of sweat and lululemon gear on the side of the road. But I made it! I headed out early and managed to stay on the shady side of the street, I even gave myself the option to cut the route short if I needed to - but I didn't! Don't get me wrong - I ran SLLLLLOOOOOOOWWWWW and I had to stop for a Gatorade refill around 17km, but it was all good. Aside from a little bit of armpit chafing (what's with me and my tissue paper flesh!?) and losing approximately 3 litres of sweat I was fine. Didn't even have any gut rot or swishy waterlogged stomach :) Yay me.

Coming up next: Midsummer Night's 30km Run on Saturday. Please pray to the weather gods that the humidex has evacuated the city by then!

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