Monday, August 17, 2009

A few months ago I came across this recipe for breakfast pizza and pretty much haven't stopped making it since. Soft dough with creamy cheese and runny eggs - um, yes please. Here's a step by step evolution of my most favorite breakfast/lunch/dinner treat.

Step 1: The DoughI like a rectangular shaped pizza as opposed to circular - but that's just me. Do whatever you want. I start with a pre-made pizza dough, pound it into shape and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Then I like to smear some creamy cheese from edge to edge, in this case I used garlic Boursin. Mmmmm.But we've done it with plain old mozzerella as well.

Step 2: The stuff on topOnce the cheese is adequately smeared I cover it with fresh basil, thyme, oregano and whatever leafy green I have - like spinach, kale or arugula.

Step 3: Top it off

Add some onions or garlic if you like and then drizzle olive oil all over the toppings. You should also smudge the olive oil around the edge of the crust, this increases the level of deliciousness (that's an official chef term). And then AND THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT - drizzle the entire pizza with some truffle oil. I'm telling you, if you don't have truffle oil go BUY SOME. They sell it pretty much anywhere these days and a good small bottle will only cost around $12.00. You won't regret it.

Step 4: The cooking part

Put into the oven (preheated to 500 degrees) for 5 minutes - hopefully you have a pizza stone otherwise just use a baking sheet (well oiled and sprinkled with cornmeal). After 5 minutes slide a few eggs onto the pizza - I like to do this from a small cup instead of directly from the shell. If there are any air bubbles forming it might help to press down on the pizza with your spatula. Cook for another five minutes or until eggs are set.

Step 5: Insert into mouth

This is what happens when you don't press down on the air bubbles - egg suicide. Still delicious just not as pretty.

This pizza is one of my most favorite foods right now and I keep adjusting the ingredients as the summer progresses and new veggies come into season. I can even imagine a goat cheese and grilled peaches version towards the end of the month. The best part of it all is that the bf considers pizza creation to be man's work - so I get to kick back and wait for the pizza delivery man :)

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