Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The halfway point

This week officially brings me to the halfway point of my marathon training. Frightening, yes. Yesterday I whined to the bf "I just want race day to be here already!". Mostly because I'm getting really excited about being in San Francisco and also because I want to buy some pretty marathon race gear (don't judge me).

His flat response "No you don't. Your body is ready for it yet". Predictably my initial response was a "Screw You!" With a side of "So you're saying I'm weak!?"

He's right of course. One 30km run does not a marathoner make. Despite all that I was feeling quite good about my training this week. I'm definitely feeling stronger and my injuries are fading away nicely. I've been trying to pamper my body lately so I think that has alot to do with it - lots of baths, massage, wearing the right shoes, loads of sleep etc. Following the advice of my clinic instructors I've been adding core strength to my workouts and am now up to holding my planks for 1:45. Not bad considering that eleven weeks ago I looked like I was having a stroke after 30 seconds.

Here's my roundup for the week:

Sunday: 19km long run. Bf suggested that instead of my usual route I try out the Martin Goodman trail. Once again my hatred for that route prevailed and I had an awful, energy-sapping, sun-drenched run. The smell of garbage, the crowds of Caribana and the bone melting rays from the fireball in the sky did nothing to improve the situation. Did I mention that it was sunny? It was.

Wednesday: 8 hills. I skipped my Tuesday run because my legs were still feeling sore and tired and my stomach was giving me grief - so this was my first post-long run run. It wasn't good. The warmup seemed to take forever and was mostly uphill [I hate you run leaders]. The hill itself was in Forest Hill and was actually quite pleasant. Aside from the cobblestone-like rode I was able to keep a fairly consistent pace and my HR didn't skyrocket (probably meant I could have worked harder). But I was comatose by the cooldown. I was obviously dehydrated and my legs felt like stone appendages. No good.

Thursday: 10km tempo run. Went out on my own for once and quite enjoyed it. Took an old route that I haven't run in awhile. Definitely needed some time to feel properly warmed-up and get my legs moving, but after 15 minutes or so everything seemed to start working more efficiently. Wasn't my fastest tempo run but I definitely put in some solid effort on speeding up my turnover.

Saturday: 29.5km long run. I moved up my long run this week because I heard that Sunday was supposed to have terrible, terrible, no good weather. And am I ever glad that I did! Took a long route west and then back along the Danforth to Victoria Park then back along the Beaches. Was lovely. Perfect conditions of 18 degrees and overcast sky - very San Franciscoesque. Drained every ounce of liquid and gels on my person and then stopped for more along the way. Had a bit of gut rot around 22km but at the end I actually felt like I could keep on going. For the first time 42km didn't seem that elusive! Had some wicked chafing from the back pocket of my shorts but other than that my legs and hips feel great!

And so beings the second half...

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