Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Julie & Julia. The fury and fantasy of a foodie.

Made the trek to see Julie & Julia this weekend. It has been a film much anticipated by my circle of peeps. I read the book, read the blog, tried some recipes, couldn't wait to see it on the big screen. The still photography that came out months ago showing the styling of the food and characters looked amazing and was pretty enough to make any food blogger (or food blog reader) weep. I was excited, yes.

My film going experience started by sitting next to a man who has clearly won prizes for his skill at loud decibel popcorn eating. For his ability to rip his way through a buttery bag of kernels without stopping for a quiet breath. For his talent of chomping through even the toughest of unpopped kernels. For readily disgusting all of those within earshot by his lip-smacking, mouth-breathing, finger-licking soundtrack. I was livid, yes.

Fast forward 10 minutes into the film when Julie (the quarter life crisis, mullet wearing food blogger) serves a delish looking bruschetta. Perfectly grilled bread! Ripe and juicy looking tomatoes! I could smell the garlic from the screen! And what does her oaf of a husband do? He shoves the entire piece into his face like a wild dog protecting his find from the pack. Now, if Cesar Milan was in that dining room he would have pinched the back of neck, made a shushing noise and allowed him to eat only when he had calmed down.

Oh how I wish Cesar had been there.

My point in all this - the unspoken word in the Julia Child part of the story is SAVOR. The look of ecstasy on her face when she first bites into the Dover Sole or when she licks the vanilla meringue off her whisk - it's perfection. You know exactly how she's feeling. You also know that in the next take she won't be stuffing her face or smearing meringue all over her face in an effort to digest it more quickly.

All that being said I really enjoyed the movie. Part of me wishes that it has just focused on the Julia Child side of the story and is kind of disappointed by the fact that she has to share her screen time with the rather annoying and dull Julia Powell. And I HATE to say that considering how much I enjoyed her blog. But there you have it.

The movie made me hungry. It made me want to go to France. It made me want to go grocery shopping. It made me want to invest in new pots & pans. And it made me want to smack the asshole next to me.

Bon appetit :)

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