Tuesday, August 25, 2009

On the twelfth week of training my coaches gave to me...

FORM! Okay, maybe not as exciting as a partridge in a pear tree but definitely more useful when it comes to hill training.

This week in our marathon clinic we discussed running form and it couldn't have come at a better time. After last week's lower back debacle I knew that something was seriously off with my form and that I was getting sloppy as the hills got more difficult. The problem - bubble butt. Apparently I stick my butt out when I get lazy, throwing my hips out of whack and placing a crazy amount of pressure on my lower back. Yes that's right, I'm the Beyonce of hills. So I made an extra effort to focus on my form and to push my hips forward as I maneuvered through my last week of hill training - Oh, did I forget to mention that? NO MORE HILL TRAINING!! Hallelujah and praise Jebus.

So yah, the whole form thing - totally changed my running, not to mention the ease with which I was able to jump out of bed the next morning. Thank you coaches :)

Tuesday: Headed out for 8km with the group. Really lovely route that kept us in the shade and mostly away from scary traffic - but I was ill-prepared without my juice and had a few bouts of cotton mouth. Thank goodness for a few well positioned public water fountains. Definitely ran slower than planned.

Wednesday: The end of hills. Finished up our last week with 10 hills and I have to say - it wasn't bad at all. The hill was not so scary and we were all able to spread out and run side by side - very much appreciated after weeks of being forced to run Army-style in single file. Kept a good pace and HR wasn't out of control. I am still completely annoyed and dumb-founded by girls that can chat whilst running UP a hill!? Seriously?? RUN FASTER!

Saturday: Tune-up race - Midsummer Night's 30km. Unlike my previous 30km this year I was much more confident and prepared going in - I didn't even cry at the start line this time ;) Seriously. I didn't. The run was absolutely fantastic. After Tuesday's dismal pace I wasn't so sure that I could maintain my goal race pace so I set my virtual trainer a few clicks slower than expected. And I totally kicked the computer's ass! In the end I ran 1 second faster per kilometre than expected and had enough wind in me to start sprinting at 29km. I stayed loose and hydrated and had a really great time out there.

Up next: we start speed.

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