Wednesday, August 19, 2009

West African Ginger Drink

Last year when I noticed the edges of my teeth becoming disturbingly dark I gave up my daily brew of green tea. It was tough but I found that I was mostly addicted just to the sensation of warm liquids in the morning. So I moved over to the more tooth-friendly lemon & hot water - providing even more conclusive evidence that there is an old British lady living inside of me (not that the Coronation Street addiction was enough). I loved my lemon and water and despite the fact that sometimes it felt as if I was brewing a pot of water and pesticides I kept it up.

A few months ago I was battling some digestive issues and started adding ginger slices to my morning brew - mmm ginger, me likey. So when I came across this recipe last month on Food Safari I knew that I had to give it a whirl. It's a West African Ginger Drink that essentially involves pulverizing a whack load of ginger and limes with some peppercorn and sugar thrown in for kicks. Lemme tell you - it's bloody brilliant. Watch the video at the link until the very end just to see the look on their faces after the first sip - it's at that point that the ginger reaches out, grabs your tongue and stabs it with a million tiny flavour darts. That's right - FLAVOUR DARTS (copyright me).

I like to make this a really strong mixture, so I only add about 3 cups of water and then strain the whole thing at least four times through the sieve. It's amazing the amount of fibrous pulp that comes out of the mix!

Once it's strained and contained it's ready to go. I like to add about 1/4 cup to my mug of hot water and I've also been adding it to tonic water (apparently good for sore muscles) as a nice chilly cocktail. I added some Pimm's to it this week but I found it to be kind of a waste, the liquid is so overpowering that any additional flavour is lost. That being said - it would make a brilliant vodka cocktail. It's got punch like a sonofoabitch and a ton of healthy antioxidants to boot.

Delish. A++

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  1. Great Post! Really helpful. I am going to make this tonight and I am so excited.