Thursday, September 03, 2009

The elusive fast food lobster

A few years ago I was in Rhode Island for a conference and after an exhausting first day I collapsed in my room cradling the room service menu. And what to my wondering eye should appear? But a soft butter roll stuffed with lobster meat! It was the most delicious, decadent and satisfying meal - every bite made me sad that I came closer to the end. Sadly - I can't find the picture which I of course took before diving in. The lobster roll is usually best during the late summer season and is served on a soft white roll with very minimal interference. The lobster is usually mixed with a small amount of mayo and occasionally with some chopped celery or green onion. My RI version also came with a plate of delightfully crispy french fries. Oh god, I'm drooling with the thought.

I was reminded of that moment today - in the middle of my Newfoundland vacation - when my best friend and I entered a Subway Sub shop. Yah, ok - not exactly an executive chef type of situation. But lo and behold they had a lobster meat sub! Stomach issues be damned - I ordered it up. 6-inch (to be safe) with onions, tomato, cucumber and mayo. Keep it simple was my thought. It was satisfyingly salty and definitely had that distinctive lobster flavour. Not exactly the same punch as the Rhode Island Dreamwich - but what do you expect for $6. I left the store satisfied and several hours later I still have my digestive system in check. Lunch well done.

And while we didn't get to enjoy a Guinness with our lunch (c'mon, Newfoundland isn't THAT liberal!), I did think this was an apropos time to pull out this old gem ;)

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