Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Week 15: Need to lie down

Despite the fact that I only got in three runs this week (shhhhh) I felt totally drained and lifeless. Not sure if something was up with my immune system or what, but allz I know is that all week I was moaning that I NEEDED TO LIE DOWN. Yah, I'm a baby. I know.

Tuesday: Missed my clinic and had to head out on a tempo run by myself. This resulted in a less than tempo-esque run. Went for 6km instead of 8km (see baby comment, above).

Wednesday: The day I nearly died on the track. Unbeknownst to me track training is very different from hills - apparently adding another lap every week isn't enough - no, we need to do these strange pyramid structured distances. I had never heard anything like it before in my life. And it made me want to lie down. After a 3km warmup we did the following track repeats: 400 m x 800 m x 1200m x 1600m x 1600m x 1200m x 800m x 400m. Get it? Yah, it's mental. But I managed and even ran a pretty decent time at the low end of my permissible time range. Unfortunately I didn't bring enough G-juice with me and ended up nearly crawling back to the Running Room.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday: I mostly did nothing, with a little something in between.

Sunday: 32.3 mofo km. That's right, my LONGEST distance EVER. Do you hear that? EVER! I found a cool route using the Garmin website that pretty much took me out towards Ossington and then up and across Danforth and back through the Beaches. Quite beautiful and it was a lovely day - thank god for sunscreen. Let me be clear, it took me a long time. Enough time to watch four episodes of True Blood, or eight of Weeds or the entirety of Gone with the Wind - including potty and popcorn breaks. Yes - I worked all of that out while I was running.

And after my run - I didn't lie down :)

Countdown to marathon: 32 days.

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