Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Week 16: No time to slow down

This was a pretty great week. I ran my FASTEST EVER 6km tempo run on Tuesday and had a really fab long run. Overall a week of little pain, so that's always a plus.

Tuesday: 6km tempo. Our coaches sent us out in waves so that the slower runners (ie. me) weren't overwhelmed by the rush of speed demons - I very much appreciated this. Sure, in the end we were still passed but it took a good 4km for that to happen. It was a great run and I kept pace with a group of ladies that ran only slightly faster than me. Ended up being my fastest 6km on record :)

Wednesday: Yasso 800's. This was my first time attempting the Yasso's and naturally I was terrified. It wasn't until I arrived at the track that I found out we were doing them, so I had no time to freak out or escape. Essentially a Yasso 800 is this: you run 800 meters around the track (that's 2x around usually) then you take a break, then you repeat 10 times. Apparently if I could keep up a pace of 4 mins 24 seconds for every repeat then I am highly likely to run a 4 hour 24 mins marathon. I know, sounds like witch doctor-y to me but apparently it works. Turns out I averaged a 4 min 10 second pace. We'll see how this all plays out in the end.

Friday: Quick 5km on treadmill. Felt fine, good morning wake-up.

Sunday: 23km LSD. The bf and I went away for the weekend and didn't get back until the afternoon, so I waited until 5:30 to head out. The sun was going down and the streets were pretty empty - it was glorious. I had probably one of the best long runs that I've had in weeks. Conditions were perfect and all my joints and muscles seemed to be getting along together quite well. I did start to feel a heavy, dull ache in my knees and quads around 19km. Could this be the effects of lactic acid that I've been hearing so much about?

I really enjoy running at night so I'm actually looking forward to the onset of fall and daylight savings time. The only downside - the freaks. A guy on the Danforth started running along beside me and yells "How about this - if I can run faster than you, you have to go on a date with me?". Not that I wasn't impressed by his bohemian-inspired stubble or his delicate Eau du Labatt's fragrance - but I asked him nicely to leave me alone. And he did.

Marathon countdown - 26 days.

Up next: I bandit a popular Toronto road race.

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