Wednesday, September 09, 2009

What's in a runner's kitchen?

Runner's World posted this little article by the brilliant Mark Bittman. He is the man responsible for my most favorite cookbook right now - or at least the one in highest rotation in my kitchen "How to Cook Everything Vegetarian". I love that it isn't one of those cookbooks showing you how to swap out meat in traditional recipes, but that it gives genuine and delicious veggie-based meals. And it isn't one of those glossy reads with shimmering, porno shots of impossibly baked creations, it reads more like an encyclopedia. But a really GOOD encyclopedia. You want food porn? Go pick up a Nigella book and be gone with you.

Anyhoo back to that list. Mark Bittman suggests the following items for a runner's pantry:

Olive Oil
Long-Keeping Vegetables and Fruits
Fresh Herbs
Soy Sauce
Dried Fruit and Nuts
Canned Tomatoes
Dried Mushrooms

I'm going to add a few (seemingly obvious) suggestions of my own:

Chocolate milk - fellow blogger Running Shorts gave the lowdown on the deliciousness and suitability of this drink. I concur. My personal favorite - Neilson's Ultimate Chocolate Milk. Oh god, it's amazing, like liquid chocolate pudding. And I love that I can buy a bunch at a time and it doesn't need to be refridgerated until it's opened! Love love love.

Bananas - probably the only thing I can keep down when I return home all queezy and exhausted. Plus it tastes really good with the choco milk.

Nutella - do I sense a theme here? My friend Derek swears by this stuff. High in protein and more luxurious than peanut butter. And really, really decadent on fluffy, white bread (the crack of bread).

Sesame oil - I've been in a bit of a soup phase lately and this stuff takes soup to a whole new dimension without making it too salty. Just a wee teaspoon gets you all the rich, nutty flavour you need.

Ice cubes - okay, technically NOT a food but still really useful. Whether for cooling down my homemade Gatorade or for piling in the bathtub for post-run torture, the stuff is going out of style in my house.

So runner, what's in your pantry? (sidenote - who says pantry anymore?)

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