Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cheesecake Factory gets on my happy

As any self-respecting Canadian will tell you - when we go to America, we like to eat our faces off.
I like to eat all of the things that we can't get here. In the olden days I used to go hog wild on all of the "Fat Free" products that were made for the massive diabetic contingent of American society, but these days it's all about the restaurant chains. And my chain of choice - Cheesecake Factory.
I LUUUURRRRVVVVEEEEE the Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes. So creamy, so fresh, so teeth-achingly sweet - what's not to love? I go there maybe three times a year and no matter how much my gut is threatening to break through all the layers of my clothing, I will always order the cheesecake.

So imagine my surprise last weekend when we arrived at the San Fran Cheesecake Factory only to discover that they had taken the unprecedented move of indicating the calorie content on EVERY SINGLE cake in the display case. The horror!!!
I had to take a snap of the piece of cheesecake that could do the most damage, and as was expected it was not only a cheesecake, but also a brownie....covered in chocolate sauce...covered in icing.....topped with additional chocolate shavings. Mother of God.
And it didn't end there! When we were seated for dinner our menu was accompanied by a separate book containing the nutritional information for every item on the menu. Clearly this did not affect my glycogen starved brain, as we immediately ordered up a serving of deep-fried mac & cheese balls. You heard me right.

The damage: 1 serving = 2000 calories. 65 grams of fat.

The next time someone asks me why I ran a marathon I'm gonna show them this picture and say - for two servings of the most magical dish on earth.

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