Monday, October 05, 2009

Horseradish + cheddar = a party in my mouth

Um, have you seen these in the store?
They're Herr's Chips - which I particularly love because of their association with that episode of The Office where Jim helps Karen find a bag after the vending machine and all stores in the vicinity run dry thereby kick-starting their doomed relationship and elevating Jim from loser/newbie employee status. But that's besides the point.

These. Chips. Will. Blow. Your. Mind.

I tried to have them as a "snack" when I got home from work tonight and ended up eating fistful, after fistful, after fistful. My mouth was on fire in the most pleasing and delicious way.
Let me be clear though - the horseradish is NOT a subtle a flavour. There's certainly no mistaking its presence. It beats you over the head and leaves you lying in the snack aisle with cheddar coloured drool on your face - again, in a delicious way.
Side benefit: totally clears out your sinuses as you snack.


  1. True horseradish story: I come from a small town north of Quebec City. For some reason, by the age of 25 I had never heard of horseradish. Never had any.

    So I'm in Seattle visiting a customer and I invite 6 or 7 of them out to eat. We go to this real expensive restaurant. They bring my steak and there's this small serving of "cole slaw" beside my steak. I don't like cole slaw so I decide to get rid of it by eating the whole thing in one go and I shove the whole thing in my mouth. It was home made horseradish. My brain ceased to function on account that there was a fire going up my sinuses. My eyes were bulging. I explosively spit out the whole thing, some of it landing on our customers across the table. I didn't understand what happened until my coworker stopped laughing.

    I will never live that down. It's been over 15 years, and it still cracks everyone up when we meet.

    So, no thanks on the horseradish chips. BTW it's "raifort" in French. I looked it up after.

  2. I'm going to try some of those chips. If they suck, then I'm done with this blog.

    Can you not see that I am serious?

  3. I'm not above buying your love Adam. Serious as a heart attack.