Thursday, October 01, 2009

If only Angelina were a runner

The night before Sunday's Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon I had one of those running dreams - thankfully not the kind where I'm late for the starting gun, can't find my bib or have legs made of jello. No, this was a celebrity running dream - a first for me.
In this dream Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise (strange pairing for my liking) came over to my place to check out my Dyson vacuum. This didn't really seem all that strange because who doesn't love a Dyson vac? Am I right?
So I'm tooling around the living room demonstrating the famous suckage of this handy appliance and eventually I just have to ask Tom - how is Katie's marathon training going?! I'm deeply interested in the distances she's running, her time goal at NYC this year and whether she's got around to picking up a new sports bra? We're deep into our running talk when I realize that Brad is bored - he's playing absentmindedly with the Dyson and not participating in our convo AT ALL. And that's when it hits me - I have nothing to say to Brad because ANGELINA DOESN'T RUN.

Yes - apparently I'm just as snobby in my dreams as real life.

Side note - in my dream Tom told me that Katie had to slow down her training because she's pregnant and didn't want to push it. If this comes to fruition after the race I am most certainly buying a neon sign and opening up shop.

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