Friday, October 23, 2009

Thank you America: The Frying Cheese edition

Whenever we cross the border into America I am always quick to establish the presence of a Trader Joe's.
I love TJ's.
Like LOVE it. When I learned that my soon-to-be in-law's in Atlanta had lived there for 10 years and had never even heard of it I had to rethink whether or not this is the type of family that I wanted to be a part of. Excuse me? You don't know that you live within minutes of the MOST MAGICAL GROCER ON EARTH? I tried to remain calm.

So naturally we had to visit the closest TJ's last weekend in San Francisco. Usually the bf (yes, I'm going to continue calling him that until I find a suitable short-form for the foreign sounding FIANCE) is very blase about my obsession with grocery stores. He'll wander the aisles and remind me that we don't actually need to purchase every new flavour of potato chip that we meet. To which I respond - oh really, and when are we going to find lamb & mint chips again!? WHEN? (ps. thank you England)

Anyhoo, so I'm perusing their magnificent selection of packaged candies when the bf comes down the aisle with eyes as wide as saucers. I consider briefly that he's found a package of hummus resembling a Star Trek fighter jet. As if in a haze he mumbles the words "frying cheese" and shakes his head in the direction of the sample lady. Yah that's right - Trader Joe's is selling a product called "Frying Cheese". As in cheese that you can put in a greasy pan, top with sauces and then cram quickly into your mouth. I reckon that the bf might even agree - it's WAY better than a Star Trek fighter jet.
Unless that fighter jet could be fried like cheese.

UPDATE: Thanks to Jolene for being smart enough to take a photo!


  1. great blog, but please credit photos that you take from other sites! this photo is mine ( thank you!

  2. Apologies Jolene, will do!