Monday, October 05, 2009

Week 18: 75 hours 23 minutes and 57 seconds

As I type this the countdown clock on my desktop tells me that in 12 days and 21 hours I will be running my marathon. gasp. gasp. Can't breathe. I seriously can't believe that the time is almost here and I must admit that a large part of me never thought I'd make it. I thought for sure that over four months injury or just plain old "I can't do this!!" would take me down. It was one of those lofty goals that I set and then just kind of gave in to - I planned my training, joined the group, read the literature, bought some pretty gear and oh yah, put in the miles.

To be exact, over the past four months I have covered 730 kilometres for 75 hours 23 minutes and 57 seconds and burned 39, 413 calories.

Oh lordy. My feet hurt just thinking about it - and also, I think I deserve a few fistfuls of gummy bears. On top of pancakes. With whipped cream.

This week kicked off the beginning of the end. I'm slowly settling into taper mode - which means that while I'm still getting in quality runs my overall distance is getting shorter and I'm supposed to be preparing my body for the big day with lots of sleep, lots of good (nutritious) food, cutting down on the alcohol and caffeine and healing all the cracks and kinks in my legs. I'm so ready for this part.

Wednesday: 6km tempo. Went out on my own for this one. It was so cold that I started running before my GPS had a chance to find satellites - once I got going my body warmed up okay but the wind was wicked and I was glad to get home. Good pace, legs felt really good.

Thursday: Track repeats. Ran from the Nike Runner's Lounge with my group. You could tell that training season was winding down - aside from the guys smoking pot in the middle of the field the track was practically a deadzone. We ran a pyramid repeats - 400m x 800m x 1200m x 1600m x 1200m x 800m x 400m. Felt good and hit my mark at every repeat. Finished up the night with a Starbucks Hot Chocolate :)

Saturday: I deluded myself into thinking that all my Nuit Blanche walking made up for the 6km I SHOULD have run that day. C'mon, it was a ton of walking.

Sunday: 23km LSD. The bf joined me on this run which was really fun because we NEVER run together. People always say when they find out that we run "Oh, it must be so nice to run together as a couple!?". I wish I could live that fantasy where we run hand in hand and gaze lovingly into each others eyes at stoplights and water breaks - but I can't. He runs too fast and I get too competitive. Match made in heaven.
Anyway the bf has been battling an achilles injury and claimed that running with me would prevent him from running too fast. I ignored the blatant insult and just enjoyed the company :) I must admit that it was nice having a partner on a long distance - especially one that knows my low tolerance for chit chat.

Marathon countdown: 12 days.
Up next: I'm definitely losing two toenails. Thank god sandal season is over.

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