Monday, October 26, 2009

What's next?

Sooo yah, here I am. Just sitting on the couch. Belly full of blue-cheese stuffed olives. In the middle of a full-night line-up consisting of Dexter, Gossip Girl, a re-run of House and a sincerely revolting Oprah episode on the subject of southern Fall fairs. If I hear the words "deep fried butter" again - it will be too soon.

I am completely bored.
I'm one of those total assholes that needs to have an answer to the question - What's next? And truthfully I have no idea. I was considering participating in a local 5km run before the end of the year - but it turns out that Toronto isn't organizing a Resolution Run on New Year's Eve this year. Instead they're doing it on December 27th. What the eff Toronto!? Last I checked there were no cultural groups celebrating a new year on December 28th.

As of right now it looks like there's nothing on the race schedule until the end of March - that is TOO LONG! I need a quick goal, one that won't take me 20 weeks to achieve.

Please. Don't make me run the Santa Shuffle.


  1. I feel your pain. It is only two days after Marine Corps marathon and I feel lost. Maybe we should come up with our own race!?

  2. Hey I just recently found your blog. :) I totally wish I was in your position right now, because I have this crazy idea for my next "what's next?" gap in my schedule to do some serious speedwork training and do a timed trial for a mile. Like all out 4 laps on a track to see just how fast I could go. Might be a fun way to spend a few weeks to up some speed. Def not for everyone though. :)

  3. I agree K - let's find our own 5km route on New Year's Eve!!

    Thanks Jeri and you're totally right. I definitely need to start doing more speed work (once my legs have fully recovered that is). In fact I just bought the Runner's World book on running faster. I figure I might as well prep my brain before I prep my legs!