Thursday, December 10, 2009

EAT IT: The Cat Edition

A few weeks ago, realizing that the cat was down to his last few kernels of food I set out to make a mad dash to Canadian Tire for what I like to call the cat's "McDonald's treat". Aka shitty, cheap (and probably delicious) cat food. When I'm being a good cat mother I get his food from the Vet's office - it's double the price of the McDonald's version but it does have the benefit of actually listing a meat (in this case - duck) as the first ingrediant which will apparently save him from kidney disease in the future. It makes me feel like a good pet owner and he eats it - although lets face facts, if it came down to it he'd eat his own shit.

As I was about to head out to Canadian Tire I was reminded that a new pet store had opened in the "Spare Some Change" variety store at Queen & John. I don't know it's real name, I only know that the guy who holds the door open for me always says these words as I enter and exit the store. Good marketing.
Anyhoo, they've installed a pet store in the shitty, far side of the store that had previously housed some bullshit house plants and what can only be equated to nik naks. This pet store is going to be a freaking gold mine. It's stocked with every insane toy and gadget known to man's best friend AND it's parked in the midst of condo central. And you know what condo central means? Childless singles and couples looking for meaning and companionship through cats & dogs. GOLD.

I browed around the pet store and low and behold they actually had the upscale brand of food that I would normally get from the vet as well as an entire aisle of shiny, pretty packages of every kind of food imaginable. They even have a freezer in the dog section with freshly butchered bones and cuts of meat. Imagine the lucky bitch that gets a sirloin slab for her snack! Jealous.

And because I am like a bird and easily attracted to all things pretty I came across this new brand of food called Before Grain. I have to admit - it was the font and colour that did it for me. Look how stylized these bags are!Not to be mistaken as just a pretty bag, they also listed meat as the first ingredient! In fact the salmon version has three different meats in the first four! It's a meat extravaganza!
Needless to say - the cat loves it. More than his shit.

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