Tuesday, January 05, 2010

2009: A Year in Pictures


The month was capped off by my most FAVOURITE TIME OF THE YEAR :) Library conference time. Yes, I seek refuge in expo booths filled with my drug of choice - free books. 


My birth month - kind of shitty this year mostly because we were mid-move and everything was in chaos. Made better by this card sent to me by my little brother. What are the green letters you ask? TMNT - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. What any 32 year old woman would want, right? 

 Came home one night to find my squirrely-ass cat had torn open his tail. Recommendations: put him on Prozac or cut off the tail. We went with amputation - mostly because he's a Scientologist. 


kipped Easter and went to visit my BFF in St. John's. Snuggled with the new baby and sat in awe of how her maternal instincts had kicked in - the realization that we're old enough to actually give birth to these things kicks in for me. Yikes.

 Eschewing all signs of impending adulthood - the ultimate karaoke session and the most EPIC performance of Phantom of the Opera ever to have hit a transgendered karaoke stage. 


 And speaking of transgendered stages - the most EPIC event of my year took place. The Pride RUN! Being one of the minions required to actually work at the event means that I miss all of the fun on the course. Luckily I had friends taking snaps on the field or I would have missed Team Gay Watch altogether, not to mention their bursting pubes. 

The culinary event to rock my 2009 - the breakfast pizza. Never have runny eggs, basil and cheese ever had it so good. 

 Ran Midsummer Night's 30km Race. Saw Erica M. Got a medal. Ate my face off. The end. 


Headed back to Newfoundland to spend some time with Team Baby and discovered much pleasure in taking pictures of drunk babies. Okay okay, he wasn't drunk. I was. He was mocking me.

Traveled to San Fran. Ran my first marathon. Got a medal from Tiffany & Co. Got an engagement ring from Tiffany & Co. So ya know...a slow month. 


Traveled to New York for the bf's 7th marathon. Enjoyed the fact that I DIDN'T have to run anymore! Also, enjoyed proving my mother wrong by not getting raped or dying in New York. So there.

Any stress of the year or the season or various forms of family can always be rectified by one thing - champagne. 
Okay two things - champagne and FRIENDS! Happy New Year and hugs and kisses xo.


  1. Super cute pictures! I love the year recaps everyone has up. Sounds like a good year minus some amputation! :)

  2. What a great recap! Love the pictures. Not too shabby of a year I'd say! ;)

    You should let me pick your brain sometime. I'm thinking about going back to school to get my masters in library science....