Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Binging & Purging & Watching Hoarders

I tried to watch Hoarders. I really did. But by the time I got to the 24th pile of cat shit found in the bottom of the refrigerator I had to give it up. I could not take it any longer which really makes me sad because there's nothing I enjoy more than sitting on my couch, eating popcorn and judging people. Especially if they're Americans ;)

I read that Peter Walsh book earlier last year about cleaning your house and reviewing your emotional attachments to your stuff. Upon finishing it I immediately bought a copy and sent it to my parents. Each blames the other for the clutter of their lives but all I know is that I instantly turn into my neat-freak German Grandmother whenever I go home now. At Christmas I was all "Does this three foot reindeer pulling Jesus really need to be in the middle of the coffee table?". Apparently it did and I should go back to the fancy city where we don't have reindeer's pulling baby Jesus's. Or is it Jesai?
So yah, there are some clutter issues going on in suburban Grimsby.
And my mouth doesn't help the problem.

This past week I've taken on cleaning and re-organizing projects with a vengeance. That's right - Cleaning: John McClane style.Yippee ki-yay motherclutters. I cleaned out my kitchen cupboards, weeded through my random and never used toiletries, pulled apart the bedroom closet and tonight I start in on the THE SHOES. The bf has been nagging me ALL OF MY LIFE about the shoes. ie. you have too many. why do you need these? when will you wear those? how much did these cost? ugh. So many inane questions. The Ron White store started a shoe donation drive for local shelters and back to work programs - so there's my kick in the pumps. No, YOU'RE lame.

Despite all my lamenting and tearful goodbyes I really am happy to say goodbye to most of this stuff and am amazed by the power that a clutter-filled house can have. Not to get all Oprah on you or anything - but my soul feels lighter. No, YOU shut up. Seriously, I feel like I've lost weight or something. Carrying those bags of useless and unused (or at least not recently used) crap down the stairs feels like kicking an abusive relationship to the curb. And stay out! I'm kicking ass like Nancy McKeon in A Cry For Help (yes, I watched a lot of inappropriate tv as a child).


  1. Anonymous6:40 pm

    Did you make it as far as dead cat #2? That was my point of no return.

  2. When a show makes me start itching uncontrollably - it's time to turn the channel. I only have 500 others to choose from!

  3. Anonymous3:29 pm

    During one midlife overhaul i threw away everything but two bikes, three guitars, a small stereo, a Fez Monkey, a closet full of running shoes, a bowl and a spoon. (seriously). it was very liberating to know that all of my possessions could fit in my Honda, with room left over to pick up a psychotic hitchhiker as needed.

    There is, however, much to be said for a fork. And if I'd had a three-foot reindeer pulling Jesus, I'm fairly certain that would have made the cut. Screw the hitchhiker.

  4. Thanks for the book recommendation! Already put it on hold at my local library. I hold on to waaaaaaaaaay toooooooo much junk. Everything has sentimental value to me, it's ridiculous. I need to do a huge shoe cleanse as well. :( So sad though.