Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: Step One, cut a hole in a box

You knew it was coming - take a deep breath - because I'm about to start talking about the wedding. You can relax a little because as you can see from the title, I'm restricting myself to only talking about it on Wednesday's :) I got this idea from Have Shoes, Will Run - she got engaged at the same marathon as us and is much further along in her planning.

Anyway, first things first. We set the date - December 11, 2010.
I've been contemplating a winter wedding for quite some time now, mostly because I hate getting dressed up and then getting sweaty. It's a pet peeve of mine.
Also, I hate the outdoors and when you get married in the summer there is ALWAYS an outdoor element. I hate eating outside, I hate bees and bugs landing on my food, I hate being sweaty in photographs and I have a very limited threshold of what I would call "Ideal Summer Temperatures".  What I do love is the winter. Albeit mostly from a view behind double-paned glass with a hiked-up heater in the background and an eggnog cocktail in my head. And guess what - winter weddings are fine with that!  Ahhhh winter. If it's good enough for Winter Wedding Barbie then it's good enough for me.

When we headed out looking for locations most of them were offering discounts based upon our preference for the colder months - seems that the Southern Ontario brides have a strong preference for everything that I loathe. Fine with us. We scoured every square inch of Niagara-on-the-Lake, a city close enough to my hometown to appease my mothers concerns that "Well the wedding ALWAYS takes place in the bride's hometown!" but with enough character to not resemble a factory wedding. I toured three vineyards and two hotels. All nice enough and all with delicious wine and food...but just not quite right.

The real problem was that the very first place we looked at was all that we could think about - it ruined us for all other locations. The Art Gallery of Ontario is right next to our condo....literally, we could spit on it. We were already in love with their new restaurant FRANK which opened last year so we thought we'd take a look at the event space. WE. DIED. It is so freaking gorgeous that I could barely speak. Yah, that's right. Me. Not speaking. Ring the alarm.
The AGO wedding planner is a total dream and she walked us through all the options of different areas where we could hold a cocktail reception, dinner, dancing, food and of course the ceremony. And the photography - Jesus, the options are endless. This picture is of the rather infamous (at least if you live in Toronto) front of the building, overlooking Dundas Street. I like to call it the Whale Belly. It's pretty fucking fantastic.

So that was that - we signed the papers, handed over a cheque and the place is ours.
At least for one night with our friends and family :)


  1. Congrats! The Whale Belly looks amazing!

  2. A winter wedding will be gorgeous! And it seems like such a fun place for a reception, too. It'll be amazing!

  3. That event center looks so amazing! I already am excited to see pictures, and winter weddings are fun, I totally agree with you about the summer things you mentioned! :) You will be a good winter wedding barbie!

  4. 12-11-10? Too great. And I totally plan on being a winter bride (if I ever get married, ha!). Sweaty/shiny face in pictures? no thank you. I love the photo, looks like it'd be a great venue, and I can totally handle wedding stuff once/week. Thanks for being considerate. ;)

  5. Wow. Great venue!

  6. Thanks ladies :) Don't worry - in the space of planning one wedding I'll also be planning two long distance races, there WILL be things to discuss other than monogrammed cakes and flower arrangements ;)