Monday, March 08, 2010

February's child gets a rodent shaped birthday cake

Yes - I'm aware, I've been absent from this space of the internets. Forgive me and call off the dogs. I attribute this absence to a few things: 
1. February sucks. I was uninspired and lacking in anything of interest to say. I can hear you now saying "What else is new?'. And to that I say - Shut your mouth.
2. Mild depression. Nothing involving pretty little pills or spiraling into a bottle. No no, this was more of a TLC, homemade cupcakes and really comfy couch type of situation.
3. Absence of the bf. He had a big work project out may have heard of it...a little project known as THE OLYMPICS? ring any bells? Anyway, yes I was very proud. And also very, very, extremely, absolutely and devastatingly lonely for exactly 39 days. The cat was no substitute for conversation or snuggling.

This is not to say that the entire month was a waste of a calendar page - I did manage to celebrate my 33rd birthday in style. And in this case style consisted of champagnesque beverages, karaoke, friends and red velvet cake!

Here's a cross-section photo of the cake so that you can see the delicious detail of layer after luscious red-velvet layer and the massive amounts of finger-licking buttercream icing. Oh gawd, I could die. It was SO good. And the best part was that someone else made it.

Big ups to my Bridesman Derek for creating this masterpiece for me. I had originally requested a cake resembling the grooms cake in the movie "Steel Magnolias". Some of you may recall that this was also of the red-velvet variety but was cut into the shape of an armadillo - of the roadkill variety. I thought this was appropriate given that I was born on a day dedicated to the nation-wide stalking of a rodent known as a groundhog. Damn that dastardly dweller of the dirt!

All in all, I'm glad those 28 days of darkness are over. Time to enter the month of lions and lambs.

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