Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: The Dress!

There have been very few stressful decisions so far into our wedding planning. The time, place, wedding party and budget all fell into place rather quickly and painlessly. So I was due for a little nail biting and suffering when it came time to choose my dress. Let's be clear here - I love to shop. I am merciless, objective, efficient and realistic about my body. I can usually make it through the entire Eaton's Centre hitting five shops and one department store. I know what I like, I know what looks good on me and I know what I can afford. Unfortunately Banana Republic hasn't started making bridal gowns yet...or maybe I should say fortunately.

It's not that I wanted a simple and cheap dress, I just wanted something that was ME. And the ME that I know is none of the following: sequins, tiny pearls, ruffles, hoop skirts, crinoline, puffy sleeves or snow white satin. Nope, not me. Which is not to say that I won't like those things on YOU. But it takes a special gal to make some of those things work, and frankly I am not that special .

It took a total of five trips to four shops which included Beckers Bridal on the Danforth, Ritche on Avenue, Le-Ann Belter on Queen East, The Room at The Bay and then back to Beckers for the final reveal :) Thankfully my three best friends, Aunt and Mother are all still speaking to me after all of this bruhaha. It's a very surreal experience to put on a wedding dress and it kind of fucks with your mind. I swear that dupioni silk has hallucinogenic properties. Suddenly you start thinking that an eight foot train isn't that unreasonable, or that a belt of rhinestones is totally worth $350 or that the swan wrapped around your midsection is rather flattering. no, No and NO!

In the end I chose four dresses and took my mother and friend to see them. They chose the wrong one. Which was great because then I realized how much I wanted the one they didn't choose! They saw it my way eventually, we all shed tears and now it's all done. It's being made in Paris (ooh la la!) and will be here in five months! It's like waiting for a beautiful, silky, very premature baby! And I'm gonna love that baby sick.

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  1. How exciting to have your dress! And to have it made in Paris!