Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kicking Alzheimer's in the Armpit

I'm not certain why but lately my brain seems to be leaking from my ears. Okay, not literally. But I've been scattered, forgetful, misplacing things and losing everyday items. Sometimes it's the cats fault (that bastard) but usually it just seems to be the slow disintegration of my grey matter - which leads me to the Big A.
It's a pretty big fear of mine and not just because my great grandmother started eating the peels of bananas and throwing away the fruit (an image burned on my brain). I mean c'mon HAVE YOU SEEN THE NOTEBOOK? That shit is serious and it makes you forget about making out with Ryan Gosling!

Action must be taken. I started doing the usual things like eating more salmon and bumping up my Omega 3s. Then I started looking for alternatives to my antiperspirant - hailed for years as the poisonous brain balm that I wipe on my 'pits. Something something too much aluminum. Apparently the Whole Foods versions smell like dirty hippies and do very little to contain ones natural stank.

Then lo and behold I was introduced to the following: Deodorant Cream. It was reviewed by a cooking blogger that I follow and she claimed that her armpits had never smelled better. I was intrigued and ordered up a container. The cream is made by a woman in Brooklyn who runs a shop named Soapwalla. She has quite a story, read her blog if you're interested. .
When the cream arrived I was excited, it smelled like my idea of heaven - lavendar, mint and tea tree heaven. I have to admit that rubbing it on is a bit weird to me, but probably just as weird as rubbing something on my arsehole would be. It's not a place that I've often rubbed a product and so it's a little strange. Not in a "aww sick, I gotta wash my finger" kind of way, just a "huh, so that's the texture of my armpit" type of thing. No biggie, I'm over it.

Anyhoo, I've been wearing it for about a month and have put it through every test possible. Biking to and from work, working all day, spin class, booty camp, pilates, wedding planning, in-law relations - nothing has broken through this puppy yet.

Suffice it to say, if you're near me and you smell B.O. - it's the guy next to me, my pits are golden.