Thursday, June 30, 2011

School's Out!

Yesterday was the last day of school for most of the chidge around these parts (as evidenced by the population in Yorkdale Mall this afternoon) and it got me thinking back to my elementary days of yore. Everyone had their countdown until the last day – the teachers especially. But not me. My most favorite time of the year was the day AFTER school ended.
And where did I go you might ask?
The beach? Too dirty.
The movies? Didn’t exist in our small town.
The mall? You mean the Miracle Mart Plaza?
No. On the day after school ended I went back to school. Because SOMEONE had to go back and help the teachers clean up the classroom. No joke, I was that jerk kid that refused to leave the school until the janitor forcibly walked me out. “But who will watch over all the books Mr. Janitor!? Surely not you!?”

I have an amazing photo that I took in our school library the day after school ended of all of my best friends – I dragged them there to help me inventory the collection you see. And they were sweet enough to ignore the call of backyard swimming pools and homemade popsicles. Because we nerds united like that.
The last memory that I have of elementary school is the morning after graduation. I went back with my three best friends and our teacher let us eat the remnants of the graduation cake while lying on the floor of the gymnasium – probably because he knew I wouldn’t stand for icing in the library.

Good times, I think I’m gonna go bang some chalk board erasers together just for old times sake.