Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Summer Readin' had me a blast

I've been meaning to write a book report since January...then bang, nine months later I still haven't done it. So here we go, my best reads for the year (this is mostly for my cousin Lisa who is hounding me to find her next book).

Talking To Girls About Duran Duran
Loved loved loved. I'm a few years too young to have experienced exactly what the author reminisces about, but he does a fantastic job of painting a picture of the early to mid eighties and what it meant to be a horny teenager during that time. A+

The Sisters Brothers
Reason for my endorsement - my husband read it in a week.
It gets quite violent but is a gritty story that'll suck you in.

Enough About Love 
Occasionally you can tell that this story was translated from French - and not just because of the loose marital bonds. This is one of those books with multiple stories that weave their way together as the story advances. Left me feeling like it wasn't exactly tied up in the end, but I still really enjoyed the characters and their fuckupedness.

Let the Great World Spin 
Enough About Love could learn from this title. The same concept of characters slowly introduced with each chapter - only to reappear in other future chapters as background characters. One word - Amazing. Two words - Fucking amazing. Read it. Immediately.

A Visit from the Goon Squad
In a word - weird. But good weird. So many characters that I could have used a family tree of sorts.
Spans from the early 70s to some strange futuristic time where people are constantly connected to a small mobile device that seems to run their lives - too strange to relate to, right? Obviously.

Craigslist Murders
If Gossip Girl gets old and then starts taking revenge "Heathers" style - she would write this book.  xoxo

One of two things will happen when you read this book: 1. you'll detest every single character and want to tear the book into shreds. 2. you'll devour it and cloister yourself away from all human contact until you reach the end. Also, your arms will get really buff just holding this sucker. Get the eBook version if you can. 

Sugar In My Bowl
Ladies write about sex. Some of the stories are hot, some of them are sad and a few them are ick. Edited by the Lady Erica Jong so you know this thing is going to have some umph. Does not disappoint, not for the faint of heart. Or the faint of vagina.

Summer Without Men
I seem to be on a bender of books dealing with marriage - in all its states and forms. This one deals with a marriage post mid-life crisis affair. Characters include everything from an elderly lady hiding erotic scenes in her cross-stitch patterns; a young preteen tortured by her mean girl classmates; a young mother bullied by her boozer husband and an author writing poems about her unfaithful husband and his nubile young research assistant. Quite a mouthful, but worth the bite.

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