Sunday, September 11, 2011

Vacation Redux

Due to the fact that I have both a Type A personality and a penchant for to-do lists, you knew that I'd have a series of things to do over my two week vacation. Thankfully, I got through a bunch of those things - but I'm equally thankful for those times where the list took a backseat to lying around watching trashy tv...oh wait a minute...that was on the list too.

1. Purchase new living room furniture
2. Re-organize home office furniture
3. Re-organize book shelves from dumbass colour coordination to more reasonable genre/alpha order
4. Book contractors for hardwood floor repair
5. Weed garden
6. Brunch at Lady Marmalade
7. Daily happy hour
8. Sell printer
9. Sell TV
10. Sell guitar
11. Naked time at Body Blitz
12. Visit the dentist
13. Visit Todie and her babies in Newfoundland
14. Eat the donut burger at the CNE
15. Regular afternoon naps

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